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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hey! It's that time of the year annual posting to this blog. Well, summer's almost over, the girls' vacation is coming to an end tomorrow. This summer vacation was bit abbreviated since they were only here for three weeks, instead of the normal two months. The girls are getting older and have other things to do during their summer vacation at home, like going to summer camp or volunteering at the local library for community service points.

Still.....we tried to pack as many outing as possible:

Other than our, almost nightly, outing for boba drinks we've also seen a couple of movies: "Mama mia", "The Dark Knight" and the girls saw "StepBrothers" with their cousins. That's another story in it self!.

This year we went to Palm Springs and did the famous Aerial tramway ride up the mountain, that was great! We rode around Palm Springs for a minute, and I mean only for a minute! It was too hot for us to really enjoy riding around in the car, so we ended up just having a nice lunch at a Thai restaurant we found on the street, practically the first decent place we saw. It turned out to be a nice choice, since their food was great!

We had plans to spend the next day just hanging out at the pool, in Indio CA. We stayed at Fantasy Springs resort and casino, which was nice. The pool area was great! So, the girls and I just soaked up some rays and basically relaxed for the weekend! Loved it!

This summer was spent mostly at home and shopping. We did a couple of trip to the Alley in downtown LA, where you can find "stuff" at bargain prices! Overall it was an enjoyable summer with the family. Until next time...............! (BTW, I did this posting all by myself! Aren't you proud of me Jade? I even added photos!)


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