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I'm an easy going lady, with a passion for bowling, reading romance novels, and gambling! I only gamble for fun though........I'm also learning how to play golf, which I actually find relaxing (go figure!)


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Monday, July 25, 2005
It's me again!


Can you believe it took me almost a whole year to post something else!?# Without the help of my niece Jade, I would not be able to post anything since she knew my user ID and PW, and I didn't. They are in L.A. for their summer vacation so they can spend some time with their cousins, Aunties, Gma, Papa Joe, and their Lola. They've been with us for five weeks, and can you believe their summer vacation is almost over. Their mom arrived the other day to join them for her two weeks, and then the whole troop will go back to NC to get ready for another school year. I'll miss them alot!

Although I must say I'm looking forward to having my nice, orderly condo back! Aahhh, back to the single life! :=)

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